Rainwater Harvesting

Interested in using the free resources available to you to enhance your landscape and reduce your cost of living? This website can help you do that. With the help of information provide by Brad Lancaster you will be able to use the free resources found around you to create a regenerative landscape. Brad Lancaster is a teacher and designer of regenerative systems. His projects in his hometown of Tucson have brought about many positive aspects of rainwater harvesting. These positive aspects not only include what it can do for your landscape but also how it can help reduce costs for you. He has worked with the city of Tucson to legalize, incentivize and provide guidance on water harvesting systems, demonstration sites and policy. His website talks about harvesting rain water not only from gutters and such but also from street runoff. He has also taking on other projects like greywater harvesting, wind and snow harvesting and sun and shade harvesting. This website is an excellent page and has an abundance of information on how to create a landscape that will absorb and use the free resources available around you instead of wasting them.

Click on this link to see more: http://www.HarvestingRainwater.com