We have implemented policies to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We are limiting the number of customers in our place of business at one time. We are still open for business but please follow the instructions for entry which are found on the main gate.

Green Waste Recycling

This year we are upgrading our green waste recycling capacity to increase  production of compost and soil amendments. At our site on 68 Ave we accept compostable materials, diverting them from landfills and processing them to produce a quality finished compost.

For a Healthier Landscape….

Add compost to your soil. Our typical Grande Prairie soils range from loamy clay to loamy sand; adding compost increases organic matter, improves soil structure, buffers PH and increases the population of micro-organisms that are essential for soil and plant health.

Our Garden Blend (1/3 compost, 1/3 peat, 1/3 topsoil) has been a favorite of Grande Prairie gardeners for years. This blend is excellent for gardens, shrub and flower beds, raised beds, planters and also topdressing lawns. You will really see a difference in all of your plant material just by adding compost to your soil.

WE will accept compostable materials as listed below; as long as they are not mixed with any non-compostable material. Our compost is used in gardens so we have to keep out any contamination.

Check out the following link for good information on materials you can compost

Things You Can Compost

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Old spices
  • Pet hair
  • Grass cuttings
  • Stale bread
  • cooked or uncooked pasta
  • Lint from clothes dryer
  • sod scraps

Things You Can NOT Compost

  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Diseased plants
  • Black walnut shells

Don’t Forget to check out this link to find out more about what you can compost.

If you you are a beginner in composting also check out this link. It has lots of information including types of composting bins and bin alternatives, compost setups, finding the right spot to compost and more.