Grande Prairie Snow Clearing

grande prairie snow clearing

Snow and ice are a part of living in Canada in the winter. When you have a business or a commercial property, you need to take care of the ice and snow to keep the parking lots and sidewalks clear and safe. Our professional Grande Prairie snow clearing services remove the ice and snow, so you have peace of mind.

How Do You Handle Professional Snow Clearing?

At Greenblade Landscape Co., we have professional equipment and skilled workers to clear the snow efficiently and effectively. Our Grande Prairie snow clearing services include parking lot clearing, snow hauling, driveway, and sidewalk clearing. We have many years of experience clearing snow in the area. First, we plow the snow and push it out of the way with trucks that have snow boards. This allows us to move large amounts of snow very quickly and efficiently. Then we use tandem trucks to haul snow away from the site, so you don’t have to deal with large mounds of snow and ice.

Clearing Snow in Parking Lots

You need to keep the parking lot clean and clear of snow for employees and customers. We use a variety of equipment for complete Grande Prairie snow clearing such as snow wings, sweepers, sanders, loaders, and sectional plows. Our team works safely to eliminate snow on your hard surfaces. We offer fast, efficient, and economical snow removal services for parking lots in commercial buildings and multi-residential properties. Our team is trained to remove snow to provide a very clean and clear surface.

How Quickly Can You Clear Snow?

We have specialized professional snow removal trucks and equipment so we can provide Grande Prairie snow clearing very quickly. The length of time it takes to clear the snow depends on the size of the space and the amount of snow to remove. We will clear snow from parking lots and sidewalks according to your specific instructions. Our team works extended hours during periods of snowfall to ensure that we can get your space cleared as soon as possible. We offer the best snow clearing in the area, and we have the best prices. You can view our website to see some of our snow clearing equipment.

Choose Greenblade Landscape Co.

When you want the best snow removal services at the best prices, choose Greenblade Landscape Co. We have been providing professional landscape services in the Grande Prairie area for more than 30 years. We are certified in safe practices and have insurance. We are proud of our services and always provide the best possible results. We can take care of any size commercial, industrial, or multi-residential location. We take pride in offering the best snow removal in the area. The best time to get a snow removal contract is before the season begins. You want to make sure that you have our services in place before the first snowfall. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to obtain a quote for snow removal for your business or property.


Grande Prairie Snow Clearing

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Snow Removal Companies Grande Prairie

When you live in places with low temperatures, one of the most common climatic events is snowfall. When you have snow on your home or business, a significant drawback it brings is the blockage of accesses and roads for people and vehicles.

In addition to the inconveniences to transit, the presence of snow in these places significantly threatens safety. Surfaces lose adherence, and the risk of slips, falls and injuries increases. This is why it is essential to properly dispose of the material to keep these areas in the best possible condition.

How To Remove Snow From Your Home Or Business?

Chemical Method: The most traditional ways to remove snow is by melting it. Common salt is usually used for this. The main issue of this method is that it can be harmful to the animals and plants on your property. Also, it is a highly corrosive compound that can deteriorate the bottom of cars. There are alternative products such as flakes, but they are much more expensive.

Heating Removal: Another way to keep sidewalks and driveways free of frozen material are to install electric heating systems that raise the temperature and melt snow. However, the installation of these heating mats or wires not only represents a large initial investment but can also raise the cost of electricity.

Mechanical Disposal: Shoveling or snow removal is the most effective method. You should keep in mind that DIY is not always the best option. Snow shoveling can seriously threaten your health: in cold scenarios, arteries contract to prevent heat loss, and this increases the risk of a heart attack. The best option is for you to hire an excellent snow removal company.

Which Are the Advantages of Hiring a Snow Removal Company?

First of all, having a snow removal service will allow you to enjoy safe access and sidewalks free of snow, without threatening your health. The best snow removal companies in Grande Prairie have the specialized equipment and machinery for these tasks. Also, the personnel who operate these devices have extensive experience, which guarantees an exceptional result.

It's not just about snow removal; it's about getting it right. The best snow removal companies such as Greenblade Landscape Co. not only remove snow efficiently but also provide transportation and disposal services for your convenience.

Another great advantage is that in places with frequent snowfalls such as Grand Prairie, the best companies will offer a variety of service modalities for the removal of material. You will be able to negotiate a contract by season, by session or by volume, which will allow you to obtain highly competitive prices.

Finally, having an extraordinary company to remove snow from your home or business will save you time and effort. Now you can have those valuable hours to enjoy with your family, relax, or engage in other more enjoyable activities.

Trust the Experts!

Greenblade Landscape Co. is the best among the snow removal companies in Grande Prairie, and we are at your service. We are the region's leading company in the safe and efficient removal of snow and ice in homes, businesses, and companies. Enjoy a clean and safe environment, backed by the company with the most experience and trajectory in the region. Contact us.

Grande Prairie Snow Removal

Living in a place that receives heavy snow can be wonderful, but snow can easily become a nuisance. This is especially true if you have somewhere to be and there is snow blocking your driveway. Of course, snow buildup can also cause problems on roads, in parking lots, and on sidewalks. For those living in Grande Prairie, snow removal can be provided by Greenblade Landscape Company. When it comes to clearing snow, there are different types and ways to do it.

What Types Of Snow Removal Are There?

While snow removal tends to be similar no matter where it happens, there are a few different types. It can be done at multi-residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Greenblade offers services for all of these.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial property applies to several different buildings. This can include offices, medical buildings, hotels, malls, and more. Industrial properties are any property utilized for industrial purposes. These are typically warehouses, factories, or distribution centers. All of these lots can be cleared of snow if needed. Greenblade can clear parking lots and sidewalks and haul snow.


Multi-residential buildings are those designed specifically for multiple families to live in. While these are usually apartment complexes, duplexes and quadraplexes are also considered multi-residential. Just like with commercial and industrial property, Greenblade is available for many snow clearing needs. They can haul snow, and clear sidewalks and driveways.

Why Is Snow Removal Important?

While having snow professionally moved may not seem important, there are times that it is necessary. This boils down to a few different reasons.

Life Is Easier

One big and sometimes overlooked reason for snow removal is the fact that it just makes life easier. Trying to leave the house for whatever reason becomes a hassle when there is snow in the way. Clearing the driveway can make things a lot easier for everyone involved. Not to mention, backing a car out of a snow covered driveway can be dangerous.

Avoid Accidents

Avoiding accidents may be the biggest reason to make sure that snow does not become a major problem. It is easy to slip and fall when snow is involved, and injuries have the possibility of being severe. Falls are definitely something to be wary of, especially if there is someone older living with you.


If you have neighbors, clearing the snow from your driveway and the sidewalk can promote goodwill in the community. It will be easier for them to walk, and make life easier for them as well. It may even push them into having their own yards cleared.

Avoid Lawsuits

While it is important to keep your own household safe from getting injured on the snow, you should also be concerned with keeping visitors from getting hurt. It is possible you may be at fault if someone gets hurt on your driveway or walkway, and that means you could be in danger of getting sued.

No matter your reasoning for wanting to clear snow, Greenblade Landscape is available to remove and haul any unwanted snow.

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