For new construction or renovations design is a critical first step.


A thoughtful design adds significant value and can ensure long term success of the project. The process requires thought and analysis which takes some effort and time. It is a good investment to consult a qualified designer.

For landscape design and drawing we recommend a landscape architect with auto-cad experience. Landscape architects are specialists  who have trained and studied specifically for this type of work. We are very fortunate to have a very good landscape architect in Grande Prairie, Susana of Design Landscapes.

Design Landscapes is independent from Greenblade Landscape, however, we have worked extensively with Susana’s auto-cad drawings and plans. Working with her and her plans have helped us to complete a number of successful projects. We recommend her to our clients because we know she does her research on the site, the grading, the soils, materials and plants. Her plans are detailed and accurate and the project proceed smoothly as planned.

To bid jobs we require specifications and /or drawings. We will include expertise and consultation when we are hired for a project. Along with our accumulated knowledge of over 34 years in the industry, we bring a team of experienced staff and specialized equipment to every project. Our end product is durable, low maintenance and attractive. We offer exceptional value.