We have implemented policies to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We are limiting the number of customers in our place of business at one time. We are still open for business but please follow the instructions for entry which are found on the main gate.

     Greenblade Landscape construction services

Greenblade Landscape Co. Ltd. operates as a landscape construction company for developer, commercial, industrial, condominium, institutional and multi-residential customers.

We provide complete grounds maintenance and landscape construction services as well as snow clearing services in the winter for parking lots and sidewalks.
Healthy Soil = A healthy Landscape

Good topsoil should have pore spaces. It should not be pulverized and compacted with high clay content. A Sandy Loam amended with compost or organic matter and humus will allow air, water and roots to infiltrate the soil. Course screened soil with fines and soil aggregates should be placed with avoiding compaction. The soil will settle and should be lightly raked for grading. Small rocks and bits of organic matter are beneficial for creating pore spaces.


We also operate a landscape supply center at our 68 Avenue location where we retail our large trees, landscape construction materials, supplies and soil products.