Coniferous Trees

We have two tree farms conveniently located right at the city limits. The farms are irrigated which allows us to produce high quality, well maintained larger trees with Northern vigor.

We receive shipments regularly through the season, so if you require a variety we do not have in inventory, we can find it for you. These trees are Alberta grown and carefully maintained in our irrigated holding yard.

Larch – Siberian

Cone shaped, with up reaching branches, light green foliage. Soft needles turn golden-yellow in the fall. Very hardy.

Height 40 – 80 feet
Spread 10 – 30 feet.

Pine Lodgepole/Scot/Ponderosa

Tall, narrow, straight trunk and rather short. Good for growing near decks, does not drop cones. Grows well in moist areas.

Height 60 feet.
Spread 15 – 20 feet.

Colorado Spruce

One of the most popular and one of the most drought tolerant.

White Spruce

Cone shaped, generally dense and dark green. Good for windbreaks.