Tree Spades

64″ Truck Mounted Tree Spade

68″ Truck Mounted Tree Spade

These units can move well maintained trees up to 3″ Caliper throughout the season, however, careful maintenance will be required for successful re-establishment. When trees are dormant (prior to leafing out or after leaves have fallen) than the Caliper can be extended for trees up to 6.5″ Caliper (trunk diameter @ 2 ft. high) for Spruce Trees. 7″-8″ Caliper and approximately 15-18′ maximum height for deciduous trees.

  • Tree planted with truck Mounted Tree Spade – $600.00/ tree

38″ & 46″ Skid steer Mounted Tree Spades

These units are good for onsite moving of trees up to 4.5″ Caliper or Spruce trees 15′ in dormant season only. These spades keep the rootball intact and firmly placed in the planting hole.

Utility line locates are required for all moves.

  • Tree planted with Skid steer Mounted Tree Spade – $600.00/ tree

WE have been growing ornamental trees in Grande Prairie since 1995. Along the way we have learned a lot about trees, insects, soil, mulches and watering. We share this knowledge with our customers to add value to our service. Our large trees have been pruned to develop strong, healthy structure and good root mass to go along with the tree.

If we can get a truckspade into the planting location,we bring a huge 68” root ball that sustains the tree through the transplant and re-establishment process.

Key to Successful Tree Plant

1.Appropriate species for the location and space
2.Developed, strong structure
3.Well developed root mass and good size root ball
4.Proper planting depth
5.Grading and drainage
6.Establishment watering period